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Back by Raging Popular Demand

As you all can see, the Shane blogs are back. So hold on tight and try your best to reserve judgement on me being weird. Actually, do what you want. Ya’ll are entitled to your opinion.

Many winters have passed since my last post. There have been a lot of positives, some negatives, but to be honest it’s been mostly just hilarious dog moments. Such is my life right now.

It’s only now I realize how long it’s been since I plopped one of these things out, as I’m talking about my engagement to this wan:


Des congratulating me and Emily. What a day! What a chap!

An investigation is being launched into why exactly Emily agreed to spend the rest of her life with my massive head. I don’t buy it. She must think I have a bit of land to offer or something. Good luck to whoever is enquiring on this mismatch. I hope they pick the right man to ask the right questions.

The_Rock_is_the_ocean_s_most_powerful_force_in_first_look_at_Baywatch_remakenintchdbpict0003234876942 2


Talking business: Over the past 12 months or so I’d like to think I’ve had a nice resurgence of form. This has taken place mostly on the roads, which is where I will focus most of my efforts going forward, hopefully resulting in a good half marathon in the fall/autumn.

Very recently, I came down with a slight niggle, keeping me out of a couple of races I had planned recently. Once that gets cleared up, which should be soon, it will be all guns blazing for a nice summer of racing ahead. Most of these will probably be on the roads.


One of the highlights of my year so far. The BAA 5k. 15th place running 14:09.

Of course, none of this really matters does it? I mean, we all know what’s really got the juices flowing for the summer ahead:


I’d say they’re all shagged to be honest. There’s no way anybody makes it to the end. Maybe the dragons will help but it’s still a tall order. Jon Snow will have to pull out a hall of fame level performance if they are to have any hope. Desmond can’t wait to watch Uncle Ghost kick ass in July. This is was his reaction when I told him we’re like 6 weeks away:


Thrones/running/puppers aside, the blogs are back and I hope you’ll continue to be interested in my progress. I’ll try not to bore you all. Thanks for reading! If any of you have questions, complaints or comments feel free to leave one below. Any negatives will result in an ass-whoopin’

Be good out there,


It’s been a minute

Back by popular demand. First things first: The pup/wolf/child is doing great! He can be seen below sporting his squirrel face:



Just stole the neighbors punctured ball.


And to the right you can see him post-criminal activity.





Now for the good stuff. This weekend marks the debut of Ocean State AC over the cross country. Myself and Jordan will be battling it out with some of the best runners in the northeast at the mayors cup cross country in Franklin Park, MA. Training has been going well since my last outing, a solid 14:30 5k on the roads in the middle of September, so hopefully it should go well. Cross country is back ! Time to celebrate.

Other than the whole running side of things, my life has been work, class and a growing obsession with the new show “Westworld”. As is the case with a new show in my, it’s time to weigh up the importance of human interaction with the desire to immerse myself completely in this universe. I’ll probably choose the latter.  westworld-hbo-ed-harris

Kudos to Arsenal for the big win yesterday too. 6-0 over Bulgarian superpower Ludogorets. 7/9 points in the champions league group stage. Second in the Premier League, level on points with City. Really looking forward to the bitter decline that should take place around February or March.






This was just a brief check-in. I’ll touch base more in a couple of weeks. Until next time, peace !


Olympic Fever

We are smack in the middle of one of the most polarizing olympic games in history, and now the public gets what they have been clamoring for, my third blog post. You’re all welcome.

A little update about how my own training/racing has been going to start off with. Myself and Lam (Liam Hillery) suffered through the blessing of the fleet 10 miler on the 29th of July, both of us clocking in the 51:40s for it. Solid start to the season, warm/humid conditions, high mileage week and a bloody long race. Also thanks to everyone who sent their thoughts and prayers our way. For those that didn’t, I’m assuming it was lost in the mail. 2 weeks later (this past weekend), I toed the line in the Bobby Doyle 5 mile road race. Another step forward claiming 7th in a stacked field coming home 24:42, in 30 C heat (86 F). Pictures of the race can be seen below:

sun-update-1  13920654_10154649943005166_9017524740406181311_n

Actual footage of the sun that morning as well. Probably lost about a stone in weight.

Crazy olympics so far ! We saw an already absurd WR broken in the women’s 10k by 13 seconds. Not to mention she looked like she was out for an evening jog. The 400 meter WR was broken in lane 8, which was insane, and last but not least, Waterford and Ferrybank’s own Thomas Barr and one of my best friends made the final of the 400m hurdles last night. Incredible! Do me a favor and cheer this lunatic on in the final. Below is a picture of myself and Thomas back in the glory days:



Squad goals in right there. Good lookers all round.

Short and sweet. Enjoy the rest of the games. Peace!


The pet wolf is well, thanks for asking…


Blog post #2 for this guy. With regards to training/racing etc, not much interesting is going on. Myself and Lam (Liam Hillery) race the Narragansett 10 miler this Friday evening, July 29th. Your thoughts and prayers are with us.

The wolf is doing great. Since my last post, he has really morphed into what you expect a dog to be (peeing on everything, barking at other dogs, chasing squirrels, all that jazz). Again, getting him to sit, stay etc has been tough. On the bright side he’s a pretty lazy wolf that just likes to float around on Instagram (@the_golden_life_of_desmond).

Joking around and having a laugh is all well and dandy, however there is something serious I need to bring to everyone’s attention. The Irish and UK readers of this blog will be fully aware of what is going on. The North American readers, and that one lad from Vietnam who visited our site will be clueless as to what is going on. Specifically in America, everyone is preoccupied with issues that have been labelled as important, like the U.S presidential race, rendering themselves completely blind to the real threats in the world. I am of course talking about the great 21st century seagull terror epidemic. In my own hometown of Waterford, Ireland, there’s one gull in particular that has been patrolling the streets of the sunny southeast.His name is Jonathan. Pictured below.



Jonathan has been swooping down to personal space invading levels and terrorizing locals for nearly 3 years now. I’ve been a victim of the attacks many times when I’ve been out running. And this is just one seagull. There have been plenty of incidents throughout the country. The whole world seems totally consumed with the Trump vs Hilary and T.Swift vs Kim K, without batting an eye towards the greatest threat Ireland has had for years. Even our senators are crying out for help:

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 4.37.50 PM

It pains me to see Ireland struggle on while my American friends turn a blind eye towards it. Please send some thoughts and prayers to Lam and myself for that 10 miler, then get some more, stamp them and forward them on to the victims of the seagull attacks in Ireland. We need as many thoughts and prayers, open letters, statuses, changed profile pictures and any other social media aid we can get.


Thanks for reading.

Ps: Frank Grimes is returning in the new season of The Simpsons. Buzzin’.




“The lion doesn’t concern himself with the opinions of a sheep”

IMG_0004I usually cringe at people talking about themselves online, so actually participating and posting a blog is difficult for me. However post-collegiate running is here and I’m somewhat poor (Providence College GA salary). So here’s to the whole, ‘getting yourself out there’ business.

I was thinking about what to actually write my blog posts on. The obvious choice would be an update about how training is going, what I’m working towards, and any upcoming races. I also thought about taking a page out of Julian Oakley and Ben Connor’s book and posting updates on my workouts/training sessions online. Although I will touch on all that fun stuff, I pride myself on having a life that is not just about running–although it is a big part of it! I’d like people to find out about me, the person, more so than the athlete.

With that being said, here we go!  I’ve been back fully training  for around 5 weeks or so now following a pretty injury plagued 5th year at PC. It has not dampened my spirits fully though, as I have my eyes set on the European Cross Country trials for Ireland in November. An honorable man once said, “winter is coming” and once it is here, I’ll hopefully be fully prepared for some 10k cross country action. To prepare even more for the inevitability of winter, and the end of the long summer (sweet mother I’m melting) myself and my girlfriend have got ourselves a Direwolf. The vicious beast’s name is Desmond, and he rarely leaves my side. It’s been a fun adventure with him so far. You can keep up to date with his shenanigans on Instagram @the_golden_life_of_desmond. He has his first day of obedience school Monday. Having done some research on the behavior of these beasts, it was clear we needed some professional training, “A direwolf will rip a man’s arm off his shoulder as easily as a dog will kill a rat.” Yeah….so we don’t want that to happen.

Looping Westeros back into training again, I’ve done a few tempo runs so far, and will attempt some 600’s tonight with my fellow bannerman of the house Treacy, Liam Hillery. If there are no more posts from either of us after this workout, we’ve probably melted. I was once told that “Fire cannot kill a dragon”. Well, it can certainly kill a couple of pasty Irish lads, and this 90 degree heat may well just do it.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, Valar Morghulis.