As you all can see, the Shane blogs are back. So hold on tight and try your best to reserve judgement on me being weird. Actually, do what you want. Ya’ll are entitled to your opinion.

Many winters have passed since my last post. There have been a lot of positives, some negatives, but to be honest it’s been mostly just hilarious dog moments. Such is my life right now.

It’s only now I realize how long it’s been since I plopped one of these things out, as I’m talking about my engagement to this wan:


Des congratulating me and Emily. What a day! What a chap!

An investigation is being launched into why exactly Emily agreed to spend the rest of her life with my massive head. I don’t buy it. She must think I have a bit of land to offer or something. Good luck to whoever is enquiring on this mismatch. I hope they pick the right man to ask the right questions.

The_Rock_is_the_ocean_s_most_powerful_force_in_first_look_at_Baywatch_remakenintchdbpict0003234876942 2


Talking business: Over the past 12 months or so I’d like to think I’ve had a nice resurgence of form. This has taken place mostly on the roads, which is where I will focus most of my efforts going forward, hopefully resulting in a good half marathon in the fall/autumn.

Very recently, I came down with a slight niggle, keeping me out of a couple of races I had planned recently. Once that gets cleared up, which should be soon, it will be all guns blazing for a nice summer of racing ahead. Most of these will probably be on the roads.


One of the highlights of my year so far. The BAA 5k. 15th place running 14:09.

Of course, none of this really matters does it? I mean, we all know what’s really got the juices flowing for the summer ahead:


I’d say they’re all shagged to be honest. There’s no way anybody makes it to the end. Maybe the dragons will help but it’s still a tall order. Jon Snow will have to pull out a hall of fame level performance if they are to have any hope. Desmond can’t wait to watch Uncle Ghost kick ass in July. This is was his reaction when I told him we’re like 6 weeks away:


Thrones/running/puppers aside, the blogs are back and I hope you’ll continue to be interested in my progress. I’ll try not to bore you all. Thanks for reading! If any of you have questions, complaints or comments feel free to leave one below. Any negatives will result in an ass-whoopin’

Be good out there,