Well, that was an experience! 16659

Road racing sure is something different. Something lonely. My first race as a postcollegiate athlete came and went, and it was tough. Now the race was undoubtedly stacked: going up against professional athletes the caliber of Chris Derrick, Shadrack Kipchirchir, Donn Cabral and others is no mean feat, but even considering, I didn’t perform quite as well as I’d liked.

We were all part of a giant pack going into the mile. Shane and I both felt pretty good coming through in a solid 4:30. Then, the top guys started going for it and, despite our best efforts, we couldn’t hang on and each had to grind out the second half of the race completely alone. I got passed by one person and didn’t pass anyone the entire second half of the race, coming in around 14:40 for the full 5k–ten seconds slower than I had last year.

I’m not complaining too much: I still had fun and even grabbed a high-five from some kids in the crowd in the final 100 meters, and while I would have liked to have bettered last year’s performance, this was a different kind of race, so, unfortunately, it wasn’t in the cards. Also, the training effect of racing will undoubtedly bring some life back into my legs and you can bet I look forward to that.

Anyway, I’m excited to get in a nice block of training before the next race. I just picked up my schedule and these workouts look like a blast. My next main event will be the Mayor’s Cup in late October, so you can bet I’ll be rested and ready to compete then.

Until next time!