Olympic Track and Field has been nothing short of awesome, so far. There have been breathtaking moments in the sprints, jumps, and distance races not only for American Athletes, but for track and field fans of any nation. The following are my memorable moments, what I’m looking forward to, and one thing that made me profoundly sad.

Top Three Exciting Moments

Everything Steeplechase. We got 3 women into the final (two of whom are from the great state of Missouri), 3 men into the final, and Emma Coburn (who I met once) pulled a bronze medal! I may be a bit biased because this is my event, but it’s fun to see the U.S. excelling. Though if they were a little worse, maybe I’d be thinking about making a team one of these days…

Either 400m. A world record for the men and an awesome diving finish for the ladies? It doesn’t get better than that in terms of sheer human performance in one case, and in terms of competitive spirit in the other.


Men’s Long Jump. The field guys never get enough love, so I’ll show some here! On his last jump, Jarrion Lawson thought he’d won a gold medal. The scoreboard showed a meager 7.78, had Lawson aghast, his coach furious, and NBC’s announcing crew completely flummoxed before replay showed his hand touching down early, costing him an Olympic win. This moment will live on in high school coaches’ technique books for years. And to be fair, the U.S. still won and Lawson still finished with a Silver Medal.


3 Events that I’m Excited to Watch

Men’s Steeplechase Final. My event. All 3 US men through. $10 on Jager. Can’t wait.

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Men’s 1500m. Love it or hate it, the mile is the premiere distance race. I can’t say I’m a huge centro fan, but I’m excited to see how the U.S. will show out against Kiprop, Makhloufi, Willis, and those boys.


Men’s 200. Usain bolt is showtime. That’s about it.


Something that Made me Very Sad

The women’s 10k. First of all, it’s disappointing for Molly Huddle’s American 10k record to be eclipsed so dramatically as it was in Rio–she was out of the frame for most of the second half of the race. But what’s really sad is the fact that someone sets a huge world record in the 10k, and all we can think about is the fact that they are unequivocally a dirty athlete and that most of the top athletes in the event, if not the world, are doping. Ayana says her only doping was Jesus. That’s a funny way to spell any of testosterone, HGH, or EPO.