I’ve spread a lot of rhetoric to younger guys about having confidence, not freaking out about fitness after small setbacks, so after taking this whole week off for wisdom teeth surgery, I had to take a page from my own book. While a whole week off may seem like a lot for wisdom tooth removal, the post-op manifestation of oral dry-socket made my recovery both extremely slow and extremely painful. Like, I still needed oxycodone to go fall asleep 5 days later painful. Was not awesome.

Anyway, a week after looking like I did in this post, I’ve put my nose back to the grindstone. After a few days of short singles, I still ended up pulling out over 60 miles in 6 days in the first week back. It was definitely a grind, and some of those first runs were ridiculously hard for what they were (eg 8 miles, HR >160), but there were also some high points in my last week of running.

Mark, who I believe I referenced in my last post and will reference soon again, runs a cross country camp for high school runners in Saint Louis, and I got the opportunity to sit on a college runners panel and speak to them with other old Missouri runners like Adam Roderique and Austin Del Rosso of Tulsa, Diane Robison of Arkansas All-American status, and a bunch of other people I’m sorry I forgot.


Big River Running Camp

Later in the week, one of Mark’s old co-workers had a cross country team from Chicago coming in to run at Castlewood–the best trails in Saint Louis–so after some trail running with absolutely breathtaking views (albeit on the hilly, rocky trails I normally avoid, that Ray would end my life if he ever saw me on them), I had the opportunity again to hang out with them, talk about why I love running, show up their coach with my PRs (at Mark and another of his friends’ request, as he apparently rubs it in their face all the time), and of course, promote this club. These kids were really cool–they clearly loved running, as they were taking time out of their summer to run in some city 5 hours away from home–and they had a coach who cared about them, so this was a really rewarding experience.

But of course, it wouldn’t be a blog post of  mine without some sort of workout info. The Guru asked us to put a lid on the details, but suffice to say I went to the track and did a tempo run with Noda, who was doing 2 x 2mile at 5:05-5:15 pace, working the pace as he could during each rep. It was a rainy 7 am, so I had to bring a Ziploc bag for my phone, but I obviously did it for the gram. The workout went well. It was a bit of a grind, but I hit the paces as prescribed and really felt solid in the last mile–unlike the last two efforts, this felt pretty easy once I got to the end. Maybe this is only because it was cooler outside, but I’m not gonna look a gift horse in the mouth.

After the workout, I crushed some light hurdle drills to practice not falling next time I’m trying to hit a trials standard. You can find them on the gram.

On the cooldown, Noda and I ran into our high school coaches and got to hang out with them, as well as pacing the boys to a mile time trial. Can’t say I’m hugely optimistic about the performance of a team whose top runner is running 5:50, which is probably slower than some of their girls, but they seemed like a nice group of kids. Was also cool getting to look at this again:

record board

It’s basically the board of Amos by now, but we’ve still got that team record in the 4×8 😉

Shouts out to Liam and Shane for their awesome race in Narragansett, and looking forward to seeing all the old boys when I’m back in PVD next week. Not sure when I’ll race, but I’m hoping to get out on the roads sometime soon. Maybe Bobby Doyle??