Well, this has been a rough week. I started by getting my wisdom teeth removed, which is a less than pleasant process. After getting knocked out and having a dude forcefully pull all four of those suckers from my head, I was more than ready for a few days of rest and Oxycodone before flying back to Providence for the Brown Summer social gathering (party with a number of alums and team members who come from all around the northeast for the weekend celebration.)

Unfortunately, as soon as I got home from the surgery, I got a call from my father. My grandmother, Shirley, who’d been in hospice for the last six months or so, had just passed away.

The last few days have been a bit chaotic: flying to Florida on short notice for the funeral (at which my sister gave a beautiful eulogy), trying to wean myself off of the more extreme painkillers, and generally looking like this:

At the very least, getting to spend time with the family has been a blessing. I haven’t seen any of my father’s brothers or sisters in years, and even if he watches Fox News and is voting for Donald Trump, I love my grandfather (and my uncle, for that matter) unconditionally as family. Therefore, even in my grandmother’s death she brought us together, and having us together would have brought her the greatest joy besides, maybe taking photos of all of us.

I haven’t eaten much or run in the last few days, so there’s no updates on that front. I’ll probably run 6 miles when I’m off this oxy.


Must have been their 60th or 65th

All that’s left to say is, I love you Grandma, rest in peace, keep being you.