IMG_0004I usually cringe at people talking about themselves online, so actually participating and posting a blog is difficult for me. However post-collegiate running is here and I’m somewhat poor (Providence College GA salary). So here’s to the whole, ‘getting yourself out there’ business.

I was thinking about what to actually write my blog posts on. The obvious choice would be an update about how training is going, what I’m working towards, and any upcoming races. I also thought about taking a page out of Julian Oakley and Ben Connor’s book and posting updates on my workouts/training sessions online. Although I will touch on all that fun stuff, I pride myself on having a life that is not just about running–although it is a big part of it! I’d like people to find out about me, the person, more so than the athlete.

With that being said, here we go!  I’ve been back fully training  for around 5 weeks or so now following a pretty injury plagued 5th year at PC. It has not dampened my spirits fully though, as I have my eyes set on the European Cross Country trials for Ireland in November. An honorable man once said, “winter is coming” and once it is here, I’ll hopefully be fully prepared for some 10k cross country action. To prepare even more for the inevitability of winter, and the end of the long summer (sweet mother I’m melting) myself and my girlfriend have got ourselves a Direwolf. The vicious beast’s name is Desmond, and he rarely leaves my side. It’s been a fun adventure with him so far. You can keep up to date with his shenanigans on Instagram @the_golden_life_of_desmond. He has his first day of obedience school Monday. Having done some research on the behavior of these beasts, it was clear we needed some professional training, “A direwolf will rip a man’s arm off his shoulder as easily as a dog will kill a rat.” Yeah….so we don’t want that to happen.

Looping Westeros back into training again, I’ve done a few tempo runs so far, and will attempt some 600’s tonight with my fellow bannerman of the house Treacy, Liam Hillery. If there are no more posts from either of us after this workout, we’ve probably melted. I was once told that “Fire cannot kill a dragon”. Well, it can certainly kill a couple of pasty Irish lads, and this 90 degree heat may well just do it.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, Valar Morghulis.