As sub-elite post-collegiate athletes, finding sponsorship money to continue a career is far from easy. Many national caliber athletes around the globe struggle to find funding for their athletic endeavors once the rug of the NCAA is swept out from underneath them.

Consequently, a crucial part of post-collegiate running for many of us is creating a personal brand to share our narratives –and some stuff from the people who sponsor us–with friends, family, and the running world through mediums like social media and blogs. We want to make you feel like part of the chase for Olympic Standards and US trials, through every 10 second PR and every Youtube-worthy steeplechase fail.

With that in mind, the Ocean State Athletic Club was founded by athletes in Rhode Island–Shane Quinn, Jordan Mann, Liam Hillery–to help athletes chase, fund, and document their athletic dreams.

If you’ve been invited to this page, please feel free to “like” it, share it, or to check out our website/blog, and learn more about us. If you feel compelled to invite your entire friend’s list to like the page, we certainly won’t stop you. Every little bit of exposure helps, and it would mean the world to us.


The men of Ocean State AC