After the NCAA track season, I took a week of down time in which I granny shuffled about four miles at 7:30 pace (optimistically) every other day. After that week, I went into Ray’s office (Ray is my coach) to get a training schedule, expecting/hoping with all my heart to have another week of easy running.

Instead, the schedule prescribed 50 miles the first week, 70 the second, and, while the third week is incomplete, it started off with a couple 13 mile days and featured a 5 mile tempo at 5:05 pace on July 12. After a brief moment in which I contemplated protesting the brevity of my rest period after the long, emotionally draining NCAA season, I said, “Thanks for the schedule, see you in a couple weeks” and left. Great.

So now I’m home in Saint Louis and the 12th has finally arrived. I called in a few old friends to hang/work out with me. Of course, only three people showed up, but fortunately, they all happen to be pretty great. My high school teammate Chris Noda came, along with the old UCity legends Tom Kenyon and David Lambus.


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Here were the workout plans:

  • Jordan: 5 miles, 5:05 pace. 76s all the way through.
  • Noda: 5xmile at 5:05, with 5 minutes rest.
  • Tom: Jump in whenever for as long as possible. Get to work at steakhouse by 9.
  • David: Take photos. Jump in once he’s made us look sufficiently cool. Take more photos after.

We showed up at 6:30 am to beat the heat. Unfortunately, at 6:30 am it was a blistering 85 degrees and 90% humidity, so we were sweating balls by the time the workout started. Needless to say, it was a pretty rough experience. Still managed to complete the workout as expected (splits 5:05.70, 5:05.72, 5:05.25, 5:04.19, 5:02.01, with the last mile fast because I misread my watch in the last 200) but was less consistent throughout than I would have liked to be (some miles could be 77, 78, 75, 74). It was much more difficult than this workout would normally be, and I seriously considered breaking the thing up halfway.

Here are some photos of us having the time of our young lives. My locs were coming undone, but still managed to hit that blue steel:

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I started off last summer with 4 miles at 5:15 pace, so it’s definitely a step forward to be this fit at the beginning of a base phase. Not sure how much all this translates to running really fast next year in July, but I’m pleased enough with it and excited to get on with the rest of training.

As a final note, where are the road races where I can start making some paper in Saint Louis? One of my friends–Mark–who is a race director said people just don’t care about elites in the city, but I really need them to. My funds are looking a little scarce right now.

Until next time,